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Guardian of the Forest

Laura JohnstonComment

Just finished editing photos from my shoot with Heather at Castle Rock! See more images from this shoot here

When I was a kid I spent so much time outside and in the woods. I always felt peaceful and protected in nature. I built forts and tree houses where I could practice archery and write and hang out with my animal companions, which were surely eagles and cheetahs and wolves. I'd find adventures and challenges and tried to explore new territory whenever possible. This photo set is like a hark back to that favorite place in childhood and the powerful feeling I got there. 

I am feeling more and more interested in shooting lately, and words can hardly describe how exciting that feels. I shot regularly from, I dunno, 2006-2011 until hitting burn out and starting my small sculpture business, le animalé which then took over as full-time. I have a theory, that is probably an already-documented theory I'm not aware of, that however long you push through a relationship, situation, burn out, etc., is how long it takes to really bounce back and recover from it. That could be BS, but the timing lines up pretty well as far as photography is concerned. Whatever it is, I'm excited to get back to it AND, just had a good trip down memory lane pulling together a newly polished portfolio for my website. Here's looking to more where that came from.