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A Banana for Your Thoughts

Creative Process, PaintingLaura JohnstonComment
Laura Johnston Banana Four 8x8" acrylic on wood 2016

Laura Johnston
Banana Four
8x8" acrylic on wood

Since every time I come to write something I end up not posting it, I thought I would try to approach this a little differently. Here's my lately in 5 sentences:

I started painting bananas earlier this year because I realized there was just too much serious going on and not enough silliness.

A couple of weeks ago I went on a much-needed romp around Cornwall (England) with my good friend SL, and we had the most lovely time trying local foods, oogling the turquoise blue coast, working on our collaboration, and shopping a bounty of local crafts and artwork.

I have been wrestling with feeling down a lot lately, partly because I have been putting a lot of energy and work into projects over the last year that either haven't panned out or haven't manifested into a physical product yet or continue to present roadblocks. 

My sweet sugar Chloe and I have been having a much easier time lately understanding one another and working on her training, so she's making really great progress being out in the world and around other dogs.

The #bitchseries collaboration Devon and I have been working on for about 8 months now is nearly complete after traveling back and forth across the continent just under 30,000 miles!

Well that was fun. Next up: #bitchseries.