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New Painting - Did You Try Magnetizing the Blankets?

Laura JohnstonComment
Laura Johnston Did You Try Magnetizing the Blankets? 18x24" acrylic on canvas 2016

Laura Johnston
Did You Try Magnetizing the Blankets?
18x24" acrylic on canvas

I started this piece while watching art documentaries on YouTube and painting in my living room. I tend to have grand visions of a backyard studio with beautiful windows and at least one whole side opened up completely so that it feels like I’m outside even though I’m sheltered under a roof with my work. My plants would be all around me and paintings and paints all set up for efficient work flow. I could play and work without so much concern about dripping paint on the floor or tidying up constantly. But sometimes I wonder, is that my dream studio? I’ve always worked in my living space. Always. My abstract paintings are very driven by rushes of inspiration and emotion, so it's convenient to have them right there. I'm not one for tedious processes, and my casual nature leads me to just paint on my lap or on the floor or whatever other part of my environment happens to be nearby at the time. Still, the backyard studio sounds dreamy, doesn't it?

This piece felt light. I think I am slowly drifting back into a more normal space from the overthinking I wandered myself into last year. I've also been way too serious lately, which is a drag, so I'm after my more humorous, silly side. Thank goodness for friends who are in touch with theirs and like to share it. One of my friends and I have been sending hilarious FaceSwap videos back and forth, and the title of this painting actually came from her in a once-removed type way (thanks, Sarah!). We were on the subject of sleep-talking, best ever, and she told me the story of her brother asking his wife, "Did you try magnetizing the blankets?" in his sleep after she told him she felt cold. I knew immediately I wanted to use it as a painting title, I've just been waiting for the right one. Below is a framed print she is gifting to her brother so his awesome sleep-talk can be remembered forever. Haha! Long live sleep-talk, friends, and being silly.