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New Scribbles + What's Up

Laura JohnstonComment

It's been a while. I wanted to talk about my progress with the scribbles a few weeks ago as I worked on more of them, but I was busy with hosting carnival for le animalé and facing my inner demons so I didn't find the time!

October is my favorite month. It's half over already and I feel like I've hardly been able to say hello to it yet, but I suppose that also means 2016 is on a fast track to wrapping up and I can't say I'm sorry about that. I am looking forward to celebrating the holidays before we move onto a bigger and better 2017, though! Gingerdoodles and Christmas coziness, mm!

I'm having fun with these scribble paintings. They make sense as a next step in my work, moving toward the surrealism I've always had in mind. The scribbles feel like a slow unveiling as I work through personal issues that have been weighing on me and holding me back. I look at my abstract acrylics now and they feel fully covered and dense, like I had no room to let anything else out and everything was safely tucked in under the surface. These scribbles are letting out little blips of light as I untangle the mess. Little glimpses of myself and what's to come. 

Also embracing my love of randomness and unexpected pairings. I love it, because no matter how much I'm not trying to tie meaning to it, it automatically has a certain meaning because I made it and inevitably things I have some connection with will surface. 

My friend Sarah and I are still working on our "Why The Long Face?" project, which is so much fun, and I have some other rather silly and fun projects floating along under the radar as well. More soon. :)