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I've been trying for days to write a post about my newest painting, and the words just aren't coming. Or, they are, but I keep second-guessing myself, deleting, rewriting. 

I received an Instax camera for Christmas, and I love it for this very relevant reason: over-thinking. There is only so much you can control about the outcome of what you're shooting, and retakes are not exactly limitless. You point, you shoot, you don’t digitally edit. It captures things as they are, and both includes yet glosses over the details in a way that makes everything look really beautiful exactly the way it is.

This morning I am up extra early painting on my make-shift easel, on account of losing sleep over the health of our avocado tree whose roots we had to cut for a construction project. That painting-in-progress is on the left.

I'll be sharing my new piece soon, my final one for 2015. For now, perhaps some pancakes + writing on paper is in order.