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New Painting - Deliberation (The Palm Reader Was Right)

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Laura Johnston Deliberation (The Palm Reader Was Right) 18x24" acrylic on canvas 2015

Laura Johnston
Deliberation (The Palm Reader Was Right)
18x24" acrylic on canvas

Lately when I paint it almost feels like I am taking apart all of the pieces and learning how I want to put them back together again. I am trying to be more deliberate and still maintain an intuitive approach. I look at my work over the last few years I can see a progression where slowly the bits within a painting are drifting apart versus being more blended. It's like the energy has transformed from highly vibrational and rhythmic to more choreographed and rhythmic?

I've been going through a lot of personal changes this year, and being so connected to my work it only makes sense that those would be reflected within it. I've been thinking a lot about the first palm reading I ever had (only a couple of years ago), which was totally on a whim and pretty short, but the one thing that stood out to me most was being told that things I have been hoping to resolve are going to start coming to a head around my 28th year. Another friend mentioned it may be the effect of my first Saturn return, and it's quite possible that California is helping move things along, but whatever it is, it's definitely happening. All good & welcome changes.

I am trying to hone in on what it feels like to be done with a piece - stopping before it's overworked but also feeling like I did enough so that it looks purposeful. So many delicate balances to strike. I remembered to take some progress shots as this piece was coming together (below). I find that I can see a painting better through a photo sometimes than just with my own eyes - if I get stuck, usually taking a photo can help me figure out where to go next.

I'm going to display this piece at Collector in Berkeley from late October through November. More details on that show will be coming very soon! It would be great to see some of you there. If you'd like to stay in the know about these sorts of things, I send out details through my newsletter