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PhotographyLaura JohnstonComment
Thistle. San Jose, CA.

Thistle. San Jose, CA.

I was going to call this one "purple spiky flower" until I googled it and learned what it is really called. IF THAT IS YOUR REAL NAME.

I saw this when I was out on my bike the other day. When I'm setting up shots I tend to be very fast, to the point where saying that I set up a shot at all is almost giving myself too much credit. I guess my experience shooting from a car on travels and limited experience shooting events has taught me to quickly compose and capture an image before it passes. Not like this plant was going anywhere in a hurry! Anyway, it's fun finding surprises from time to time when I load the images on my computer, like the fact that the signs over the highway in this one are graffitied (a pleasant surprise, because that seems to be a thing here). Seriously? Why graffiti the highway signs though, I'm trying to see where I'm going.