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Hello Old Friend

Bay Area Adventures, PhotographyLaura Johnston1 Comment
Cherry Ave. San Jose, CA 

Cherry Ave. San Jose, CA 

I am so happy to be feeling inspired to pick up my camera again. It's been years since I got burnt out and my attempts here and there to rekindle the fire left me feeling like my passion for the medium was just gone. I suppose you really can't force things. I wanted to want to shoot, but I didn't actually want to. I just missed the final product - a lot. Right now I have an urge for the process more than the outcome, and I am curious to see what comes of it since so much has changed over the past several years with myself, my surroundings, and my eye. Already this morning I found myself drawn to a completely random, unplanned shot (above) rather than the one I'd gone out after in the first place. No pressure, less control, see what happens.