Don't stop til you get enough.

Surreal Paintings
Colorful scenes from the unconscious in acrylic paint on panel. (2015-present)

My full-time focus for many years, concentrating primarily on portraiture. (2007-present)

Why the Long Face?
A collaboration of acrylic painting on photographs. Image credits are found on each photo. (2015-present)

Acrylic paintings on paper. (2017)

Instax Weird
A series of 'off' portraits. (2017)

Bananas McGhee
Balancing the blues and chronic pain with something a little lighter. (Q1 2016)

Emotional mixed-media paintings to carry me through times of depression, anxiety, discomfort, and personal healing work. (2016-2017)

A collaboration between myself and artist Devon E. Sioui. These 10 pieces were shipped back and forth between San Jose, California and Guelph, Ontario several times as we took turns adding layers. Read more about the project here. (2015-2016)

365 Sketchbook
A daily project creating one sketch each day in a big ol' book. See the entire project here. (2015)

Abstract Acrylics
A spill of emotions and experiences on canvas. (2009-2016)

le animalé
Full-time small business of small sculpture and animal-themed accessories and jewelry featured on Elle Kids, Family Circle, Hello Giggles, The Jealous Curator, Etsy, Buzzfeed and more. Collaborations with Land of Nod and Anthropologie. (2011-present)

Side hustle inspired by a love of crystals and creating. Jewelry pieces are made with casted pewter and copper electroforming over hand-sculpted details.